Today’s blog has really been difficult for me to write. I’ve been tossing around ideas for what to write since Friday and really nothing felt inspired to me until now. I really hate that feeling. I have enough talent to write regardless of inspiration, writers block isn’t a problem for me,  but if my heart isn’t in it, I just don’t feel right about publishing it. 

I was thinking of sharing a yummy chili recipe I conjured up when we had that one day of snow *literally one day*. But I mean, eh. It just wasn’t getting it for me and I didn’t feel like it would for you all either. 

I’m telling you all this, because the foundation of this blog and my promise to you, is to always be real. I would never want to paint a picture that seems like I’m always going to have this blog completely put together, because that’s not the case for any human being. I won’t be one to pretend it is. 

So with that out in the open, let’s dig into what I actually want to write about. 

I’ve noticed myself the past week saying things like “I’m probably too passionate” or thinking that maybe my goals are “too much”. I literally stopped myself dead in my tracks last night and was like, “really, sis? Too much?” Like, maybe my light could somehow be too bright?


So if you know me, you definitely know I’m a big fan of lists and organization. So today I’m going to list the things I’m most passionate about and why, in no particular order. I’m also challenging you to do the same, whether it be on your blog, your instagram, your facebook, twitter, whatever. We all need to sit down and refocus from time to time and reflect on what makes us tick.


I’ve loved to write since I was a little kid. I can remember writing little stories out in my notebooks and keeping a journal, too. My 8th grade English teacher is really who encouraged me in my talent though. She was young and super passionate about writing and literature. We would do a quick write every day at the beginning of class to get our minds ready for the next task. She could always tell when I didn’t put forth my full effort and would push me to dig deeper on the piece. From there I took creative writing as an elective my sophomore year of high school. I really only took it because I knew it would be easy, but Mrs. Rickman really had other plans for us. We ended up putting our work for the year into this cute ‘chicken soup for the soul’ styled book, that I actually still have. It’s really cool to go back and look at my early beginnings. I honestly took a long hiatus from writing, because showing people my work always gave me anxiety and I felt like it wasn’t good enough. Then one day, it was like I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I began keeping journals and I started this blog. I couldn’t imagine my life without this outlet. I couldn’t imagine not being a writer. 


I got my first taste of real travel when I was 14. I went on a mission trip to Mexico with my mom and dad. I absolutely fell in love with everything there. The people, the culture, the atmosphere, the food. I got to see that there was more to life outside of Western Kentucky or just the United States in general and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love to learn and to me traveling is one big learning experience. Something about staying in a cozy air bnb and opening the window to crisp foreign air is so enticing. I’m so thankful that I’ll be able to get back on the road sooner than later. 

Mission Work

This one sort of ties into travel. Ever since I was about 9 years old, I’ve felt the calling to help people and do mission work. Outside of my Mexico trip, I’ve done several trips in the U.S. but I really hope to be able to dedicate my summers and winters to mission work in the near future. I actually can’t travel out of the states until next September (due to my kidney transplant, immune system doesn’t need to be exposed to a lot right now), so I have plenty of time to seek out organizations to get connected with. It literally makes my soul sing to know, that sometime soon I’ll finally be living out my calling. I’ve always been fixated on Poland and Mexico for missions, so that’s where I’ll start in my search. 


Since I’ve been feeling better, I swear to you, I’ve been buzzing around non-stop working to get myself together and accomplish my goals. There’s no days off. I get up early when I don’t have to work, eat breakfast, and start in on a project. I stay up late on work nights to make sure I’ve gotten everything that can be done for the day, done. Working on your goals is a constant effort. It’s a passion I get to live out every day. 

Less Plastic Use 

Yes, I am that girl. I hate plastic water bottles. I hate single use straws. I hate eating fast food, because its all single use garbage when you’re finished. I care about the sea, our beaches, and the beautiful world God made us in general. I care about not polluting our oceans so intensely that it eradicates our coral reefs and makes the seafood we eat toxic. Like, y’all. When I was at Western we had to pick a documentary on Netflix and then write a report about it. I picked ‘Garbage Island’ and wrote 13 pages over it. I’m serious about this. I even wrote the mayor of Bowling Green about switching our grocery stores from plastic bags to paper bags. He told me no, in the nicest way possible. But it hurts my heart that we really have zero green effort in my community and it’s  really something I’d like to start and/or be apart of. 

side note: I drive my mom crazy because I refuse to use or buy plastic containers for leftovers. If it’s not pyrex, my food isn’t going into it. That may seem dumb, but the glassware also doesn’t stain so that’s a pretty big perk too. 


I was actually just talking on Facetime with my best friend about this. I am so in tune with my body now. I can tell when I’ve waited too long to take my transplant medicine (if I’m having labs done, I have to hold off on the meds until after). I can tell when I haven’t had enough water or I haven’t ate enough whole foods. I can tell when I need to rest because I’ve been running myself thin and have maybe stressed too much. I wasn’t always like that at all. But since my health got bad, I really started paying attention and its really paying off post transplant, because I feel really good. I’m always looking for different ways to incorporate more things into my routine to better my energy and overall health. My journey with my health is something that I will never stop talking about. It may seem like I talk about it a lot now, and that’s mostly because of the big changes I’ve experienced recently. But know for certain that it will always be a topic of conversation for me. I will always tell my story and sing praises to God for my second chance at life. 


Nothing sets my soul on fire like adoption. I’ve known since I was a little girl that I would one day adopt a child and save their life. It’s something that has truly been laid on my heart for so long and I can’t wait to be married to my man (wherever he is) and pursue this. I’ll probably one day eventually write an entire blog dedicated to this subject, but I wanted to include it here too. One thing that seriously confirmed my desire to adopt was Romans 8. If you’ve never read that chapter of the Bible, go ahead and flip on  over to it. Literally, nothing makes my soul move like that chapter. It’s amazing. 

I could probably go on for days and tell a million stories about the things I love and am passionate about, but I’ll stop it there for now. If you make a post about your passions, send me a link. I love reading other’s work and connecting with my followers in general. 


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