weekend motivation

I want to know what you all are doing today to make your dreams come true?

I used to truly believe that in order to make it in this world I needed to secure a 9 to 5 and marry someone to help support me.

In case you’re just tuning into my life, that’s not been my reality. At all. Like, God’s been setting me up for what my life would be like in this stage and for years He was trying to thump me on my noggin to make me realize that I’m not like everyone else. I’m me and I’m made unique and this vision I thought was my only feasible reality…isn’t for me. 
I’ve been praying fiercely for my future for awhile.

That’s the first step.

If you want something, you want your situation to change? You’re going to have to lay the ground work.

Second, I had to realize what my dreams were. I had to realize what my purpose was. I had to realize that sometimes your purpose is multi-faced and you can go after more than one thing. 
Then, I had to figure out what my goals were in terms of my dreams and purpose.

I used to think goals and dreams were unattainable fairytales.

I’m here to tell you, they absolutely are not.

If you’re willing to put in the work every single day, discipline yourself, and get after it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I’m 3.5 months post transplant. I made every excuse in the book while I was sick, I mean I guess I had a pretty good excuse but I still made sure to do the ground work (praying + waiting). Now, I’m starting two small businesses, one I’ve dreamed of for a long time (Virago Vintage). The other was simply too good to pass up (ItWorks! an all natural health and wellness company). God is moving and working so that a friend and I can start a sort of support group for girls who have also struggled with eating disorders/body image troubles.

Like y’all verbatim, what I have praying for for years.

So what’s your excuse today? Fear? No time? What will people think? Seriously?

Fear with Jesus on your side is so over and done with.

No time? Girl I work almost full time and come home and on my days off work on my two side businesses. It’s hard, but you have to love yourself enough to get it done.

What will people think? My best friend said it best. I told her people from high school were unfollowing me on social media. She said, “good, then those aren’t the kind of people you want following you. You want people to follow you that WANT to see your content, that WANT to see you posting stories. That WANT to support you.”

I haven’t looked back since then and you shouldn’t either.

I’m here for you. Here to pray and be a friend. You just have to decide to love yourself enough to get after what’s been placed on your heart.


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  1. D.A. says:

    Amen, Jennifer! 🙂

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